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Pokémon : The Origin



Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar

Hey you know what 200th episode was really an awesome love letter to the fans ?

Stargate SG1 200th.

You should watch it.

Actually you really should watch that whole show if you never did. You won’t regret it.


You deserve better dear fans.


Can we talk about Kevin Tran a moment, aka Advanced Placement, aka a 19 year old genius ripped from a safe suburban life and thrown into one of monsters and angels who are anything but, aka the boy who outsmarted the King of Hell, aka the boy who in the span of a year has lost literally everyone he loves including his girlfriend and mother, aka the boy who APOLOGIZES when he thinks he’s been killed and is letting Sam and Dean down simply by BEING DEAD.

I don’t know if there’s a single character on spn without a back story that’ll break your heart, but I feel like Kevin deserves a special mention because he wasn’t raised a hunter, or ever had any training in the supernatural, he was just a kid who played the cello and enjoyed learning and was looking forward to college. In short, he was just like so many us, until his life went to hell. But instead of giving up or giving in, he kept on fighting, kept on thinking and working and doing what everyone asked of him at the expense of his own sanity and health and even prepared to pay for it at the cost of his own life. All just because it was the right thing to do.

Kevin Tran is my hero.


KINGDOM COME #4 (Aug. 1996)
Art by Alex Ross
Words by Mark Waid

Say No to CW’s Supernatual Poster Contest


Hey followers, the CW is currently holding a contest for posters.

What’s the prize for this contest? ”Winners will receive social notoriety.”

That sounds great, right?

Actually, it’s pretty shitty. The CW is taking advantage of its fans, most of whom are not professional artists, to get free artwork. They’re using the promise of exposure to lure you to make art for them instead of hiring and paying actual artists.

We call this spec work. READ MORE ABOUT WHY SPEC WORK IS BADSpec work demeans the value of art for everyone, especially artists who work for a living.

Showtime recently tried to do the same thing to artist Dan Cassaro.

I know what some of you are thinking. “I’m a nobody in the art world. I need exposure. This is a great opportunity for me. Stop being such an elitist, Euclase. Everyone should have a chance to get their work seen.”

Yes. And after your work gets seen, do the jobs come rolling in? Maybe, if you’re lucky. But what will definitely happen is that The CW will keep doing this. And so will other companies who think it’s okay to take advantage of its fans. If the CW wants artists, they should hire artists or license artists, not make up a contest to get art for free.

You can enter this contest, and you might win exposure now, but you won’t get any jobs later on because there won’t be any. Because every art job out there will be a contest that pays in “social notoriety.”



Where were you when Gohan obliterated Cell?


there’s been a lot of focus on dean in the promo, but i also want to point out that sam was also shown being extremely violent towards women in the promo.

i’m tired of these narratives—they justify dean’s violence with his demonhood but what about sam’s?

is it because she’s a demon and therefore deserves whatever she gets?

if dean’s violence towards women is justified because of his demonhood, and sam’s violence towards women is justified because of her demonhood —

then where does that leave us?

that there’s always a justifiable reason for men to commit violence against women?

demonhood protects dean committing violence, but neither demonhood nor humanity protect women because supernatural doesn’t see women as being worthy of protection but rather as vehicles to enact dean and sam’s character arcs

castiel says that demon!dean isn’t dean and demon!dean says he doesn’t need fixing (these are points that are a different discussion, but since I am focusing on the misogyny in the promo that discussion can be had in a different post) —

and these comments create a narrative of personhood that the women in the show—whether demon or human—don’t have access too.

only men are allowed to access this narrative of personhood only men are allowed to ask themselves, who is the monster now (and not even based on how they treat women because sam and dean are shown treating women in the same context of violence)

but women never are and both aspects of this narrative of personhood that are used to craft sam and dean’s narratives are denied to them because sam and dean’s treatment of women is never ever questioned—it is ALWAYS justified.

it is seen as a matter of course because no matter what, their treatment of women is justified at every turn.

the creators will hmm and ha and say but demon!dean must act this way because they can imagine no other way for dean to act — it’s a wet dream for them, to write a male character enacting violence against a woman without reason, without compunction — demon dean allows them to write their true desires

too bad about sam too bad they have to actually have a reason because sam’s still human right so they’ll make her a demon and make it for the greater good and shift their priorities from violence against women to poor sam giving up his morals to help his brother two brothers only love this show luv it what other ways can they commit violence against women today while still maintaining their veneer of distinguished and polite society of gentlemen only and men of letters

who is the monster now?

we know who it is. it’s sam and dean and every single person who writes and green-lights this bullshit.