Et merde...

Supernatural reverse!verse, bonus Cockles ;3

Castiel : “What are you ?”

Dean : “I’m an angel of the Lord baby !”

Castiel : “…And you sell crack for the CIA. Right.”

Misha : “Nah that’s just my boyfriend’s part-time job ^ ͜   ^

More about this AU under the cut ;)

(Oh and sorry in advance for my pathetic English ^^”)

So here demons heard of the prophetical Righteous Man before his birth, and one of them found him as the oldest of the Colins twins, and stole the baby. His intentions were to sacrifice him to the Devil but the angels Jodiel and Victor stopped him in time.

They decided then to bring the child to the Fairyland were he will be safe till the time comes. They called him Castiel, and gave him to a couple of gnomes who they knew would take good care of him.

Castiel grew up loved by his adoptive parents Chuck and Becky, and had many friends in the fairy realm, and with his best friend the elf Charleen he became a warrior specilized in strategy as he wanted to protect this world from evil…

When he got old enough the Shirl’Ey explained to him everything, and along with “Charlie” he went back to Earth to face his destiny. They met the human hunter Benny Lafitte, who help them to acclimate to the human world and - in spite of some tension at first - the began to hunt together.

One unfortunate day, the demons trapped them and killed Charlie. After the fight, Castiel who couldn’t bear the death of his friend, as guilt and remorse for letting her leaving the safety of her world got the best of him, he summoned a crossroad demon, and sold his soul for her.

That is when the angels sensed what happened, and sent an entire garrison to Hell. The one who found him was Dean.

And when Dean had to take a vessel to be able to communicate with his new charge, the closest was Jensen Ackles. He was and actor and has just finished shooting his last movie and was going to celebrate with his lover and fellow actor Misha Collins. When Jensen - a devoted believer even if he didn’t take an active part in any church - said yes, Misha convinced Dean to let him go with him, stubbornly refusing to trust his partner’s life to this strange being. Since Dean needed not to attract unwanted attention and since he tries to not fly as much as possible, he agreed.

It was a shock for all of them to witness the meeting of the two identical men. Dean feared at first the reaction of the hunter who could think Misha was a shapeshiffter or worse, and was obviously already upset enough by his sudden resurrection, and stood between them. Protecting Misha he tried to calm Castiel and to explain the situation… He founded himself wanting to get closer to the man in the old trench coat, remembering how it felt to touch and hold that incredible soul. But if he tuned ON his flirting mode, it was solely to soothe any dangerous reaction, and of course not at all because he had the urge to kiss that frown out of the guy for some reason, nope.

When they realized that fate reunited two long lost twins, and that they were both in love with two different beings now sharing the same body, things became even more complicated, if not… fun ;P


Additions : Cas & Charlie

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